March 16, 2009

The Power of Plodding

My good friend Debra Engle and I have come up with a new book concept. We're not ready to break out the title yet, but the brilliant subtitle she invented today is "Finding Grace in the Tough Times." Amazing, isn't it?

Moreso because in observing the economic crisis I'm amazed at how deranged this supposedly Christian nation has become. Do people not listen when they go to church? All those folks who believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God handed down in red letters in the Felizabethan English - what, they think it's all inerrant except that pesky little Matthew 6 verse, "Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through"?

Any Christian out there reading the Bible with a bit of attention shouldn't be surprised if they got Madoffed. How could you miss something right there in black-and-white?

Moths, rust, corruption, and thieves -- could it be more clear that putting your faith in bank accounts and IRS is not the right path?

From my work in the domestic violence movement years ago, I know violence in the home increases when the economy tanks. Layoffs, cutbacks, stress over credit card and grocery bills -- they all put stress on the family unit. Lovely people I know report raised voices in their own personal living rooms and the concomitant shock over the tempestuous natures they didn't know until now dwell in their own tempestuous breasts.

At moments like this, proverbs and slogans and morals of the story can sometimes grant surcease, however temporary. I'm going with "Slow and steady wins the race" -- slowly and steadily we (individually and as a country) are finding a way through this never-before-visited maze. Plod on in the direction that feels correct; eventually we'll be somewhere different.

Nobody inflicted this mess upon us. (In honor of Lent, I'm exonerating the immediate past president.) We(individually and communally)got into it ourselves. We (individually and communally) can plod our way out.

That instant gratification thing we've become accustomed to? Say bye-bye. Instead, it's time for Plodding Power.

For this week's adventure in penmanship, choose a proverb, Aesop's fable, myth, or slogan as your theme for the week. Contemplate it and jot notes about it as the week progresses. Next Sunday or Monday, write a paragraph about the insights you gained.

We're curious what proverb, etc., you chose. Feel free to leave us a comment. (I'm pretty sure you can do so anonymously if the thought of going public makes you nervous.)

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