March 7, 2009


It's been over a year since I last posted on Way Ahead Threads, but I'm here to stay now. I wandered off to do a blog called Hot Flash Fan, celebrating a landmark piece of fiber art created in the 1980s by a collaborative led by Anne Stewart Anderson and facilitated by Judy Chicago. That blog slowly expanded to include feminist artists I located on flickr and through web searches. Meanwhile, I started doing a mail art project called It's Only a Book, where I post daily small works of art. And all the while my original blog was trucking along.

I suppose you've already seen the likely difficulty here: too many things to keep up with smoothly. And now enough time has elapsed with each blog that I can make some sensible groupings. Sometimes you've got work through the chaos in order to discover what wants to exist.

Today I imported all of the posts from Hot Flash Fan to this location. This blog, then, now, will include fiber art, feminist art, and my art except for the daily mail art, which I'll continue to post on It's Only a Book. Leave a comment and let me know how you like the new system.

Also, if I can sort through how to move just a few posts at a time, I'll be importing additional posts that show my embroidery. That seemed a bit more complicated, so it may take a bit longer.

Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by!


Karoda said...

Hello Mary, I remember reading Hot Flash Fan when KFW sent out the link in the Friday newsletter and just a hot second ago rediscovered your other blogs by going from one link to another and so on. I'm gonna send you quilted postcard but also wanted to introduce myself since I'm here in Louisville also.

Mary said...

Hi Karol -- Nice to hear from you, and to find out that you're in Louisville. I was also happy to see that you're a multi-blogger, too. One just isn't enough, is it?

Karoda said...

Hi Mary, yeah, I'm a multiple blogger but some of them are defunct...Seamless Skin is my main one. I have one for photos and another one for book reviews...are you a member of LAFTA by any chance?

Mary said...

I'm not! I got their January newsletter but haven't followed up on it. I'd love to take part; what an extraordinary group.